Arizona Student Massage Clinic

Student Massage Clinic is designed as an educational experience for the massage therapy students. In this environment they are able to practice the various modalities they have been learning, applying them to their repertoire of work.

Every week or two students are learning new massage and bodywork modalities, and so as clients, you can expect to experience an abundance of different techniques. We ask that you remain open to experiencing many kinds of bodywork. If however you are only interested in certain types of work check in with us before scheduling your appointment so that you may come when our students are learning the modality of your preference.

We have both male and female massage therapists in our massage therapy training program. At ASIS Massage throughout Arizona we have a firm policy of non-discrimination based on gender, race, age, beliefs, or sexual orientation. While you may request a specific therapist, we cannot guarantee these requests.

It is okay to tip your student therapist if desired. Gift Certificates and discount packages are also available for purchasing your massage treatment.

We thank you for attending our student massage clinic and hope you enjoy your experience with ASIS.

As part of their massage educational experience, we ask you to provide written or verbal comments to the student after the session. This feedback for the students is strongly encouraged as it helps them become the best therapists they can be. During The Massage

While you enjoy your wonderful massage, your therapist will be checking in with you. There might be questions concerning pressure (could it be lighter or deeper) or any discomfort / pain you might be experiencing. This is all part of the learning and discovery process, good communication between the client and therapist can allow for both to more deeply benefit from the experience. If something is uncomfortable or “doesn’t feel right” please, do not hesitate to inform your student therapist. After The Massage

Your therapist will ask for either verbal or written comments. We offer the following suggestions on how to offer constructive information to help the student to grow. Please be honest with your answers, any comments for the student is an integral part of their learning process and will not be used for grading purposes.

If you cancel your appointment last minute or no-show more than 2 times, then your name may be taken off our contact list. ASIS Massage Education also reserves the right to remove any client from our contact list whose behavior is deemed inappropriate or unprofessional. We want to provide our students with both safe and reliable options for completing their massage clinic requirements.

Contact a Campus Clinic

Tucson - (520) 343-0338
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